What the Press are saying

“As you pass over the threshold you enter a calm and serene space where a wealth of luxury awaits, both inside and outside just relaxing on the balustraded terrace with stunning views over the harbour and St Ives Bay.”

Lonely Planet has dubbed it, “A little piece of the South of France in St Ives”; while the globally renowned Hotel Guru lists it as one of their regional top ten. With a host of recommendations from a wealth of various publications and industry experts, the Blue Hayes Private Hotel has received some seriously critical acclaim.

Endorsed by the likes of The Telegraph, The Independent, The New York Times and Times Online, the Blue Hayes is fast gaining wide repute with praise and plaudits from peers and critics alike. Its awards stand testament to its unyielding excellence as it continues to provide exclusive accommodation of the highest calibre – evident in a range of reviews, examples below.